Our story

We started Puzzli with the fantastic engagement from 3-7 year old children with a patent-pending toy invented by the founder and the many requests from parents for a custom product.

With the global supply chain disruption, we we unable to put our manufacturing facilities into full production. We plan to resume taking new customers in November 2020.

Similar initiatives

As we are unable to serve new families, and since families need all the help they can get, we decided this was no time for bickering and that we would list the following initiatives working in a space similar to ours Please note that this list is not an endorsement and we are not sponsored in any way to display these links. If you would like your product listed here, please contact us.

Physical name boards and alphabet puzzles:

Physical letters and phonemes:

Physical props interacting with digital technology:

Digital-only learning apps:

Due to the disruption in the global supply chain from the coronavirus, we are focused on serving our existing customers. We aim to start taking new customers from November 2020 with subscriptions at 50 USD per month. If you want to be the first to know, please add your information below. If that is too late or too expensive for you, please have a look at some similar initiatives.