The Puzzli kit

This page details the complete Puzzli kit, which has a patent pending, and the subscription. You will receive an element of the kit every 2 weeks. The kit was designed for children with special nees education (sight impairment, autism, dyslexia, etc.) and can work in mainstream education too.

Year 1 (for children aged 3-4)

The subscription ideally starts with a child aged 3. The first year consists of wooden boards with words of your choice and relevant to your child; the first one is the child's name, which is their favorite word in the world. The boards spell the names in mortises and letters that slot into those mortises. Children love playing with the board over and over.
Other custom word boards are relevant to the child's background, such as family names, and also boards for the alphabet.

Year 2 (for children aged 4-5)

In the second year, you will receive three new letter or symbol blocks every two weeks. These individual letter blocks allow the child to spell any word they want and explore the language. Magnets inside the wood enforce language rules, e.g. that letters all need to be the right side up.
Children also play with math and numbers.

Year 3 (for children aged 5-6)

In the third year, you will receive either the server box or a tablet application for the child to interact with the letters. The server box contains a screen, camera, microphone, and speakers; the tablet application works in the same way with the tablet hardware. Children form words, place them under a camera, and press the red button to sound out the word. The software teaches children decoding strategies adapted to their level, and thus teaches them to read. Children can also press the yellow button and say a word to see how it's spelled.
Here is the result of two 4-year old children playing with the kit:

Due to the disruption in the global supply chain from the coronavirus, we are focused on serving our existing customers. We aim to start taking new customers from November 2020 with subscriptions at 50 USD per month. If you want to be the first to know, please add your information below. If that is too late or too expensive for you, please have a look at some similar initiatives.