A virtual summer camp...

to foster emotional intelligence in children

Bulgy in a paraglider chair

Bulgy is feeling happy to be flying

What if we turned the difficulties of the pandemic into opportunities with a world-wide "virtual summer camp" for children to learn how to recognize their emotions?

The Children's Emotion Athletics, 2020 is a virtual, free, and worldwide "summer camp", which will run over July and August. Designed for 5-10 year olds (suggested ages) in confinement and with parents working from home, it provides quality educational videos and activities. Each day of activtiy takes between 10 minutes and 1 hour to complete; parents can access activities on our page.

Our vision for children is emotionally intelligent children who can recognize their emotions, express them, and get their needs met. Our vision for adults is a sense of community with the world coming together around children, recognizing that what unites us is stronger than any virus.

The program is based entirely on puppets. If a puppet can learn to ride a bicycle, a skateboard, a surfboard, a paraglider, and a scooter, children can also learn to ride their feelings.

Bulgy puppet on a skateboard
Free registration ended on 14th June. Please contact us if you'd still like to register.
Onde day, my 7-year old daughter was very sad. She wanted to cry and did not even understand why. I remembered to introduce her to Bulgy to start a conversation about feelings. She became excited to see the puppet and immediately wanted to see the next episodes. I felt Bulgy would be a great help to talk about feelings with my children.
Joana, 44 years old

Contacte-nos para se inscrever. / Please contact us to register.